So, as the boy heads off for three hours of drama hoo ha, I once again find myself sat in Costa Coffee with my laptop open and a steaming hot drink. Today is a mixture of preparing for next weeks lectures and evaluating how things are going with the social media campaign – the… Continue reading Saturday


What a week! We’ve been busy getting ready to launch a social media campaign for a client and that has included research, working on graphics, messaging, working with MPs and a whole heap of other things. Today is the day, so wish us luck. We’ve also been shortlisted for a National Business Women’s Award this… Continue reading Friday!


One of the best lessons I’ve learned so far in our business is the benefit of flexibility So, back to those four children, cats and two guinea pigs. We all have lives outside of work and yes, anyone who runs their own agency will know that the phone doesn’t have an off button and down… Continue reading Flexibility