The first of 52 blogs

While out running this morning, yes for anyone who knows me, I know that is quite a shocking opening line, but with Sarah Millican’s gentle geordie voice reassuring me, ‘you are doing well flower’ in my ears as I take on the couch potato to 5k app, I got to thinking about my CIPR CPD goals for this year – one of them was to start a professional blog, so here it is.

I’ve set myself the challenge of blogging once a week so expect 52 musings on all things PR and Communications from me.

With 18 years of stories up my sleeve from a career based firmly in PR Consultancy life I know that I won’t be short of material.

This blog will focus on the challenges we face as an industry, the great work that we do and see that take place on a daily basis (these are the things that make me proud to say I work in PR), the topics that I see as important for us to be discussing as an industry and the future – the changes – what we need to be aware of to be delivering spot on strategic communication.

I’m going to spend some time this weekend finding great PR blogs, reading what others in the industry and talking about (any recommendations would be gratefully received) and can’t wait for this blog to become a regular part of my working week.

The fact that I am doing the CPD, and have done for many years, is a clear indicator that I view continual professional development as a massively important part of what I do and I know that writing this blog will be a huge learning curve as I find my blogging voice (and no doubt have to reign myself in a little – or maybe not!).

So here it is, short but sweet, blog number one.


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