The secret hour – sssh

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Officially Sunday is the day where I try not to do any work, unless of course there is a crisis!

Sunday tends to be busy enough with normal everyday things, homework (don’t get me started on the amount), household chores and so on, but I do always try and sneak a secret hour to plan the week ahead.

It makes me feel much better going into the week knowing that I’ve checked my diary, are all the meetings in there relevant, can I still attend them all, am I prepared for them?

That secret hour means that when I get up on Monday morning I can get straight to it knowing that I’m ready for the days ahead.

Today’s secret hour made me realise that I could no long attend a 7.30am appointment on Friday because I’d booked on a leadership course (I have a habit of spotting interesting things and booking on them), so a quick email has moved Friday to Wednesday and we are all sorted.

I’ve kept my one meeting free day, important to me as it is when most of the actions get completed and I’m away. Ready for the week ahead.



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