Blogtober – further lessons learned!


So this was yesterday’s post – must try harder to keep up with blogtober!

Here are two more lessons that we’ve learned in our Sidekick PR journey.

Invest in yourself

Training, learning and sharing is such an important part of this for us. Personal growth encourages business growth and we’ve made sure that we’ve budgeted for learning along the way. This can be anything from webinars and training sessions to investing time in our away days and focusing on the business.

Earlier this year I attended two very different events #CommsHero in Leeds and #PRFest in Edinburgh, both events were great for learning from the experience of others, reinforcing that what we are doing is right and looking at ways to do things differently.

Small can be beautiful

As a small agency based outside of London, we often come up against wrong assumptions about who we are and what we do..

For example, someone recently asked me my opinion on the regional media. This isn’t unusual I hear you say – and of course the regional media plays an important part in some of the work we do –  but it quickly became clear that this person assumed writing press releases for the local paper was all we do.

Small agencies have to be masters of all PR tools and techniques. Our agency was founded on  positioning PR as a strategic management function and that’s exactly what we do, despite our size.

We have to be constantly upskilling and adapting to changes in the industry and, between the three of us, we deliver everything from board-level consultation and advice to web videos, infographics, crisis management and – of course – media relations.

Yes, there’s a lot of juggling and we all have to pitch in at every level, but our small size is one of the reasons our clients love working with us. They get a more personal service, attention to detail and we’re able to take the time to get to know them and their business inside out.


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