It’s good to talk


We recently visited a client to present our response to a campaign they wanted us to run for them and it reminded me of the old British Telecom line, ‘it’s good to talk’.

The presentation was well received, it gave the client the chance to ask questions throughout, conversations threw up new ideas and it served to get everyone excited.

A piece of paper simply wouldn’t have done the same. It wouldn’t have displayed the thought process and injected the enthusiasm for the campaign that clearly came through as we were talking.

It’s often easy to send a written response to a brief and add a bit of colour to it but actually going and speaking to someone can make a real difference.

I’m as guilty as the next person for sending emails when I could pick the phone up, sometimes it’s a time issue and a quick email will do the job, but quite often, if you pick up the phone you get a different answer or you get to bounce ideas around.

So I’m keeping this one short but sweet because I’m off to pick up the phone and talk to a few clients and I’ve got two coffee catch up meetings booked in, because it really is good to talk!


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