Blog 52 of 52


On July 8 2017 I set myself the challenge of writing 52 blogs in 52 weeks, and here it is blog number 52 on Charlotte’s Sidekick Blog posted today July 8 2018 – I did it!

Anyone who has followed the blog will see that I started out well with regular posts, lost momentum in the middle, and picked it up again as the deadline was looming,

We all work in different ways and I’m sure some people would have created a spreadsheet and mapped out what their weekly posts would be about and kept to the schedule. I’ve always been more of a ‘works well under pressure’, kind of person and that kind of self awareness is useful, I knew I’d do it, my way.

So here is blog number 52. I’ve enjoyed making the time to write about things that have happened in my PR life and relating things that have happened in my personal life back to PR.

One of my favourite blogs of the 52 was about using the word ‘delighted’ in quotes and I can honestly say that since that blog, I’ve not made anyone, other than myself (and I’m allowing myself that), delighted. I chuckle now when I see it used so regularly in people’s quotes and I still like the challenge of finding a more creative way to express someone’s feelings.

I’m sad to say that I had to stop the running that I was doing that inspired me to blog in the first place, various health issues got in the way but as I am a completer/ finisher of tasks I’m back on it.  I’m slowly working my way back through the app, but am running with Jo Whiley now, sorry Sarah! I’ve got another four runs to do and I’ll have run the 5k.

What’s next? I’m going to re post the blogs over the next few weeks as I was a bit shy of sharing them to start with and then I am going to move on.

I’ll continue blogging and will see how I go without the pressure of a challenge. I’ve enjoyed it and I hope that people have enjoyed what I’ve written. So for now, here’s me, with blog 52, over and out.



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