One of the best lessons I’ve learned so far in our business is the benefit of flexibility

So, back to those four children, cats and two guinea pigs.

We all have lives outside of work and yes, anyone who runs their own agency will know that the phone doesn’t have an off button and down time can be rare – but taking a flexible approach to your work/life balance can make it more manageable and has helped us grow our business without compromising the busy lives we have outside of work.

By sticking to our values, staying small and maintaining a virtual agency model that allows us to work from anywhere at anytime, we are able to seamlessly blend our work and home lives together.

It’s not unusual for one of us to be answering emails on the way to our child’s school trip to the seaside or attending a school assembly between meetings.

In today’s world, nine times out of ten you really can work from anywhere and our belief that you don’t have to be sat behind a desk from 9-5 to demonstrate great return on investment for your clients has proved to be true.

The best bits of the first two and a half years in business for me are, getting CIPR chartered, winning the type of clients we want to work with, still laughing and making it through!



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