Continuous development since 2004



While logging my latest batch of CIPR Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points – taking this year’s up to 45 so far – I scrolled down to see how long I’ve been doing this and if the computer record is correct I’ve been at it since 2004!

That is 14 years of professional development, which makes me really happy. The list of things I’ve done to keep this up to date have included local committee representation, judging the Pride Awards, attending conferences, events and training, reading papers and watching webinars.

The lists are varied each year, as is the job, and help to keep me on my toes. I strongly think that CPD is something that all PR professionals should invest time in. Learning helps you to grow and be better, why wouldn’t you do it.

It’s something that we all feel is important, enough so that we’ve made it an item for discussion at our monthly board meetings. What are we planning to do that month to learn something new, is there something we can learn together or if we are doing it as individuals, how will we share the learning.

Looking down the activities available it is hard not be greedy and sign up for everything, choosing the relevant learning is important. We all have specialist areas that either appeal to us, our strengths or the business needs and focusing on developing in those areas is key.

One stream of the CPD I’m keen to do more of this year is the volunteering side of things, giving something back, so while I investigate what I can do in this area, I urge you, if you are not already registered on the CPD platform, then give it a go, after all no one already knows it all!


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