I’m ready to pilot things


Not planes! No no no, I’m talking about piloting new ways of working.

I read a great article last week about a PR agency boss who is piloting the four day week – I loved it.

Change can be hard but you’ve got to give things a go and see if they work. This particular agency had clearly done their homework, communicated with clients and decided to give it a go (I can’t wait to hear if it works for them).

The things I’m ready to pilot are not quite so radical but they are things I’ve been thinking about for a while and I’m sure that they will make a difference to my working life.

The two for now are:

#1. Emails

I have to respond to emails, people that don’t infuriate me, but my current practice means that I see an email come into my inbox and I am distracted from what I am doing, as I need to answer it. I’m going to try responding to emails at three given times a day and see if that helps me. I’m starting this on Monday and will start with an empty in box. We’ll see how it goes. I know that if something was urgent or there was a crisis I’d get a phone call so it shouldn’t have any negative impact on those service.

#2.Dedicated days focusing on specialist areas 

We work with clients across a wide range of sectors, this in my mind does not make us generalists, yes we are not specialists in the sense of an agency who purely works in housing or energy, but we make sure we have the relevant knowledge and experience to be able to deliver a specialist service in the arena our client operates in.

This is something I’ve always been proud of but something I also think I can build on. So I’m piloting research days focusing on the specialist areas we work in to help to inform our strategy and provide the best possible service. These will be dedicated days, with a do not disturb sign up!

Wish me luck.



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