Getting creative with crystals!


My nine year old son attended a creative writing workshop at the weekend and he came back so enthusiastic about what he had done.

Each of the children had put their hand into a bag of crystals, selected a crystal and create a story using their crystal for inspiration.

His involved a Phoenix, who was a water Phoenix, not a fire Phoenix like his parents. a fact he was trying to hide from them, he kept getting lost and having to battle other creatures.

He went into so much detail telling me all about it on the way home and had left his story on a real cliff hangar, it sounded great.

All this in the space of two hours from a boy who says he doesn’t like writing or literacy (I know, it breaks my heart!)

The workshop was run by the amazing Grimm and Co, I love them, not just because I joined the board, I actually joined the board because I love them, but because of the amazing work they do in my home town inspiring young children and switching them on to writing and literacy.

It got me thinking about creativity and how we could all do with a bag of crystals in our pockets every now and then.

I’m starting work on a new project in the next few weeks and I’ll be delving into my bag of crystals to make sure that it is planned out in a strategic but creative way!


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