#PRFest Day One


So I wasn’t expecting to be subtly wiping away a tear in the afternoon session of day one of #PRFest but that is exactly what I was doing as Jen Green, from Manchester Council, stood and talked us through the recovery process following the arena bombing.

She got a standing ovation, I’ve not seen that at a PR conference before, but it was totally deserved. Her story was about the people and putting people at the heart of everything they did. If I’d have been wearing a hat it would have come off.

What I’ve liked about the PR Festival so far is:

1. I made it, despite some horrid storm hector trying to stop people from getting here.

2. The presentations were short and snappy, people generally had 20 minutes to talk about their topic, answer a few questions and then pow, we were on to the next – I like that fast paced style.

3. Everyone was saying something different, yes being human was at the core of it all but people came it it from so many different angles, there were the sweary fun types (yes you know who I’m talking out), the friendly but serious types, the probing, inquisitive types and the thought provoking types.

4. There was indoor BBQ food – what’s not to like.

I’d love to see us having an event like this in Yorkshire. Beautiful as Edinburgh is, who wouldn’t like a great, informative, out there PR event on their own doorstep?

For now I’m off to the dinner, will it be with a table to quiet retiring PR types? I doubt it!


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