#PRFest Day Two


I’m never sure if it’s just me that congratulates myself on the small stuff or if everyone else does it too?

Anyway, after giving myself a wee well done for making in back to my hotel and surviving another night alone in a hotel room in an unfamiliar city, I headed back to the Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation for day two of #PRFest.

Day two kicked off with a sparky presentation with three take away points:

  1. #Get Out of Your Own Way
  2. #I can’t do that….yet
  3. Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything

Nodding along to all three points I pledged in my mind to make some small changes to the way I currently operate to make sure that I was doing things differently. It resonated with me.

Then came Emma Leach with her presentation on People Power in PR – advocacy, talent and harnessing passion. It was great to hear a fellow Yorkshire woman sharing her views on the industry and talking about her role in motivating her team.

A lunchtime chat with Emma also got me thinking about my constant line drawing between PR and Marketing, two separate disciplines, yadda, yadda, yadda, and how this has actually changed. Might be time to get the rubber out and recognise that those lines are blurred now (whooah there’s me changing my mind – point three of the first presentation, this is working!).

The take away points from Emma’s presentation for me were:

Always lead from the front – this means letting others take the credit when things go well and take the flack yourself when they don’t.

Be generous

Always say thank you – I’ve written an earlier blog about this, thank you goes a long way!

Then came John Brown and his mum (I can’t tell you how much that stunt had me laughing), yes he brought his mum to the conference and she got asked questions at the end too and handled it all very well.

John talked about honesty, in a fiery and sweary presentation that focused on Vulnerability, Commitment and Accountability.

Each presentation got me thinking about different aspects of what we do at Sidekick PR  it also made me proud of what we’d said no to because we are building the agency based on honesty, integrity and accountability.

I really enjoyed #PRFest it was fun, it was fast paced and full of great speakers (as someone else said in their blog about the event, there was no showboating just lots of sharing).

Sorry to the presenters later in the afternoon I had to leave to get back to the theatre, but thanks to a train hoo ha that was not really meant to be!





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