Some days you’ve just got to hang out with a dinosaur

59bdce7c-52a2-4058-b56c-9d2ee09615daStrategic communication, I love it.

Planned, well thought out and expertly executed campaigns, yes please.

Carefully curated content creation, all part of the job.

But some days you just have to hang out with a dinosaur.

Working on a project that brings life sized dinosaurs to parks across the UK for family days out has been a lot of fun. Not least because part of the pre-event activity has included taking Reggie, a T-Rex round key locations to meet people.

Recently Reggie came to Sheffield and on a hot Saturday we, sorry to ruin any magic here, helped someone don the Reggie outfit and took him for a walkabout.

It’s amazing how much attention a dinosaur gets, it was the day of the Royal Wedding and the FA Cup final but Reggie still attracted the crowds.

Adults and children stopped him for selfies and wanted to know why he was roaming around the area. His minder, all good dinosaurs have a minder, and his promo team were busy giving out leaflets to promote the event and we, well we captured the excitement.

There was a moment when two little boys, jumped up and down for at least five minutes shouting ‘dinosaur’ ‘dinosaur’ at Reggie, it was heart-warming.

Taking him out and about was all part of the strategy, it featured in the campaign plan and helped us to curate content but most of all it was fun.

It’s can be easy to sit behind a desk but actually getting out there with a client as they are meeting and engaging directly with the audiences they want to reach can provide real insights.

Reggie was a roaring hit with everyone he met, he certainly made lots of friends in Sheffield and I’m sure I’ve got a date with him later this year in another city. I consider myself very lucky because some days I get to hang out with a dinosaur


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