The benefits of a good holiday



We all need a little time away from every day life every now and then and while this can mean different things to different people it is important for us all (we are humans, not robots!).

For some, popping on the skis and gliding down the slopes does it, for others it is sitting on a beach with a good book or it could be cosying up at home and switching off the emails.

Having just returned from my ninth annual trip to Cornwall I can definitely confirm that while I’m not good at the switching off of emails (I managed 48 hours) I am good at enjoying the moment.

A week with my family was just what I needed to recharge the batteries, there is something about the sound of the sea that pulls you in and makes you appreciate where you are and what has enabled you to get there.

Here’s what I like about holidays:

  1. The food – you have to have a daily ice cream/ cream tea/ pasty/ seaside chips/ gin/ wine (delete as appropriate, or not at all)
  2. The beach – sitting in the sun gives you and chance to relax, read a book, and remember who you are.
  3. The lack of meetings – I work in PR which means I spend a lot of time in meetings, now don’t get me wrong, I like meetings and I like people (on the whole) but sometimes a full week without them can be bliss.
  4. Exploring – this might have been trip number nine to the same place (we do, do other varieties of holiday but this one is the staple!) but we always explore a little more and find some place new, some make it to the must do again list and others become the urgh, been there and done that type!
  5. Coming home – there is nothing like your own bed on that first night back and, I know I might be in the minority here, but I love the first day back at work, it is like entering a world full of possibilities and that time and distance you’ve had can be just the thing you needed.

So with day one back at work under my belt, I’m fully caught up and guess what, the world didn’t stop spinning in my absence so, on with planning the next trip!





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