#PRFest Day One

So I wasn’t expecting to be subtly wiping away a tear in the afternoon session of day one of #PRFest but that is exactly what I was doing as Jen Green, from Manchester Council, stood and talked us through the recovery process following the arena bombing. She got a standing ovation, I’ve not seen that at… Continue reading #PRFest Day One


Sir Trevor

A catch up meeting with a newspaper friend and colleague last week brought to my attention that Sir Trevor McDonald, yes you read correctly, Sir Trevor McDonald was heading to Sheffield to do a session for the city’s now famous Documentary Festival. The last time I attended one of their events was to hear from… Continue reading Sir Trevor

Busy doing business

Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to step away from the day to day business of working and actually, do business, does that make sense? I’ve spent the morning with 200 other businesses in Doncaster at the annual Chamber of Commerce conference. This year’s event felt edgier than before, bolder even and there were… Continue reading Busy doing business