Exit comfort zone


Today I rowed! I got into a boat, with nine other people who were also rowing and one who was beating a drum.

This is nor something I would have normally done, nor is it something that I had ever done before.

I found myself volunteering at a client meeting when they said they were looking for people to take part in this year’s Dragon Boat Race for their new charity, Team Verrico, I just heard myself saying, I’ll do it!

Once I’d volunteered honestly did not give it a second thought until this morning when we were in the briefing and they were talking about what to do if the boat capsized!

Thankfully my one of my Sidekick PR business partners was right there by my side looking equally horrified at the thought of the Dragon Boat capsizing with us in it.

Getting into the boat was scary enough as it tipped from one side to the other. We gradually rowed our way to the other side of the lake ready to take part in the race. It was there something magical happened. Despite totally exiting my comfort zone, I began to enjoy myself.

One, two, one, two, one, two we all shouted together, moving our oars together, working together to make sure the bloody boat didn’t capsize!

Exhilarated was the way I felt when we’d finished, totally and utterly exhilarated. We didn’t win, we didn’t lose, we did ok.

So my learning for today is don’t be afraid to try something new. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and I think I liked it!




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