The Value of Creative

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I’ve just logged another five points on this year’s CIPR Continual Professional Development programme, she says blowing her nails!

I watched a really interested session on the value of creative, and boy oh boy it couldn’t have come at a better time, as I’m heading off with my business partner to get creative for a client.

Before I watched this session we’d probably be spending the next few hours coming up with lots of ideas, developing them all and then planning to present them back to the client. But now, no, no, no. They have asked for one idea and that is what we will deliver.

We’ll also consider the value of our creative. These ideas take time and expertise to come up with and develop.

In short we’ll be valuing our creative. We really need to do more of this. And this, my friends, is why I love taking part in CPD. It fires you up. Makes you look at your current practice. Makes you question what you do. Makes you a better version of you.

I’ve got carried away and already logged 50 of the 60 points needed, but don’t worry I won’t hit 60 and stop, that is not the idea of Continuous Professional Development, the clue is in the title!


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