Afternoon tea and talk!


When you get invited to talk to a group of people and afternoon tea is on offer its a no brainer really!

Today, one of my business partners and I, did a presentation to Doncaster Chamber’s Women in Business Group and as our agency was set up by three ‘women in business’ we jumped at the chance to do so (that and the afternoon tea!).

We were asked to talk about partnerships and how strategic partnerships can help someone to grow their business. This was refreshing and great to see that the Chamber recognise that PR is a strategic management function that can help a business to achieve its goals and ambitions!

So, on a sunshiny Tuesday afternoon in June, we found ourselves at Rossington Hall, a great venue, don’t follow the sat nav, we ended up in a farmers field, but once we’d got there we were suitably impressed.

We talked about really asking ‘why’ a partnership would work for your business, looked at the importance of knowing your own value and what to do if things went wrong.

There was also a chance for the audience to choose a topic for quick ten minute overview, they chose Social Media, on sticky notes borrowed from my son’s bedroom (sorry dear!), and we gave a whistle stop tour of social media use which we managed to link back to the reminder that people do business with people!

The questions came on the tables after the presentation as we were a room full of hungry women, the afternoon tea was amazing, I’d highly recommend it. We made some great connections with people and hopefully they all went away with tips to help them to grow their business in a meaningful way.

We are strong believers in sharing good practice and eating cake, today we did both!


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