Networking event was a roaring success



I’m not a fan of networking events, there I’ve said it!

Over the year’s I’ve been invited to those dreadful ones where you are expected to rock up every week with leads for other members (the pressure and the commitment!), I’ve been to ones where the mix of people were not right and then came the lions.

Now Connect Yorkshire doesn’t class itself as a networking group, it is a learning group, but with some elements of networking.

I’ve been a member of Connect Yorkshire before but then when I changed roles I didn’t rejoin, however I can, hand on heart, say it was the right kind of networking for me. The monthly sessions were led by successful business people, who shared their stories, warts and all.

The group learned together, networked together and you got access to a business mentor, whats not to love?

So back to the lions. I was invited in a bid to lure me back to the group (winning bid if you ask me) to an event at Yorkshire Wildlife Park where we’d hear from the bosses at the park about its growth and expansion plans and we’d get to see the lions have their tea (horse meat – not great for a vegetarian but I don’t think the’d have appreciated a sprout!).

The event was great, I met some really good people, learned lots and let to the roar of the lions. Now where do I sign up?


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