Sir Trevor


A catch up meeting with a newspaper friend and colleague last week brought to my attention that Sir Trevor McDonald, yes you read correctly, Sir Trevor McDonald was heading to Sheffield to do a session for the city’s now famous Documentary Festival.

The last time I attended one of their events was to hear from Kate Adie, do you see a pattern emerging here?

Well I could hardly contain my excitement as I bid my colleague fare thee well and flew home to see if I could still get tickets. To my utter delight (yes I know I wrote a blog about not making people delighted and I honestly haven’t since, apart from myself when I bag tickets to hear from Sir Trevor) I got two tickets.

So excitedly I headed off to the Crucible Theatre with my friend and Sidekick PR business partner Eve to hear from the man himself.

There is something about the gentle warming tone of Sir Trevor’s voice that makes you want to tell him all of your deepest, darkest secrets. I think that combined with his utterly nice nature are what makes him a good interviewer.

He came across as a very humble, very contented man, sharing stories of interviews with the mafia, prisoners on death row and Jamie Bulger’s mum.

He was interviewed by ITN newsreader Charlene White, who seemed just as thrilled to be interviewing him as we all were to be there.

An enthralling hour and one that I won’t forget in a hurry where the storyteller told the stories behind the documentaries and shared a clear bond with his team.


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