Juggling skills

Mum, wife, daughter, sister, friend, PR Consultant, Magistrate, Charity Trustee and occasional Associate Lecturer and just some of the roles I try to juggle on a daily basis.

The demands on all of our lives and the roles we play depend on what we want to get out of our time on this planet (deep I know!). Some people may be happy and content with one of two of those roles, me, I seem to add to them constantly.

Yes I might remember that I need to make a packed lunch as I’m leaving the house, or be the parent running back to school with a PE kit after the bell has rung but generally, day to day it works.

I approach every role with the same vigour to do the best I can, something I tell my boy regularly (I don’t mind where you came with the test scores as long as you tried your best).

The constant changing of hats, from the scatty mum to the hopefully caring and available friend, from the ‘on it’ business woman to the enthusiastic lecturer, is what makes me who I am.

I recently saw a video of someone I went to school with stood on a stage in America giving a presentation about the latest AR development they’d worked on for a huge company and I was wowed. He has done so well, through lots of hard work and determination, an amazing success.

It’s what got me thinking about roles, juggling and what success looks like. It’s hard not to see something like that and question what you’ve achieved or what you want to achieve.

For me I have a job I love, lots of different roles that allow me to explore different elements of my personality and life is fun.

Like most people in their early 40s I still have lots to achieve, lots of things I want to do and lots to give, so pass me a few more balls, I’m sure I can handle it!


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