Busy doing business


Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to step away from the day to day business of working and actually, do business, does that make sense?

I’ve spent the morning with 200 other businesses in Doncaster at the annual Chamber of Commerce conference. This year’s event felt edgier than before, bolder even and there were lots of calls, mainly from the Chief Executive of the Council to crack on!

There were some great speakers filled with a lot of passion for the town. There were also a number of young people who had been invited along,  pupils from the XP school asked some very astute questions.

Fantastic to also see  students from Doncaster Deaf Trust, it’s Deaf Awareness Week at the moment, who were invited, along with an interpreter who signed the whole conference (she deserves a round of applause).

Local MPs were grilled about Brexit and asked how they could help local businesses to continue to trade abroad in the same way they have been doing.

Education, collaboration, working hard, playing hard and culture were all covered throughout the morning.

The last presentation was from Rosie Millard who talked about Hull City of Culture, she raised the roof!

Her enthusiasm for the city came through in every single word. It was great to see such a lively presentation. It certainly inspired the delegates in the room. What Hull had was pride, bucket loads of the stuff and Rosie’s presentation showed what pride, harnessed in the right way could achieve.

Now back to the day job…..


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