Listen and learn


I’m still trying to be a runner and want to make running a part of my routine, sometimes I’m more successful than others but I plough on. Today my running app told me that I had to run for 20 minutes and so I decided that rather than listening to music, I would listen and learn.

Searching through a myriad of podcasts I decided upon the csuite podcast and selected Show 63 – How to Create Award-Winning Corporate Content. Not only did this podcast last the exact amount of time needed for the warm up, run and chill, it was really interesting.

Hearing from award winning in-house and external communicators about the work they’d undertaken to win these awards kept my interest, so much, that I almost forgot that I was running.

Listening and learning is so important, I’ve always been a fan of taking time out for a webinar or attending courses, life long learning, for me, is just that. So to be able to listen and learn while I’m running or driving is simply fantastic.

This podcast was lively, informative and entertaining and Russell Goldsmith, the man behind the cast, asked all the questions I wanted answered, which was no mean feat!

My take away points from today’s listening and learning exercise, and I think it is always important to get some take aways,  are AUDIENCE, yes I’m shouting that one, it is quite easy to get carried away with the message and the medium and forget the audience. The audience needs to be key to all communication work.

The second point is measurement, we all know how important measurement and understanding the impact of your work is.  What we need to do is factor this in and make sure that we continue to measure what matters.

The last point is to be bold, BOLD! This is something I am going to try and be more. I know that I’m a naturally cautious person and I think that I could be bolder in so many ways. Watch this space!


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