What I love about Twitter


Social media has undoubtedly changed the way that we communicate, it has changed the way that we find and consume news and for businesses it has changed the way that they engage with their customers.

Without the raised eyebrows directed towards a mother who identifies her favourite child, I can say without reservation that Twitter is my favourite social media channel with Instagram coming a close second.

There are many reasons why I love Twitter as a communication channel. I love the simplicity of it (I’ve adapted to the change in characters but do not feel the pressure to use them all!). I’m not wearing rose tinted glasses, I know it has its problems  but there is so much to like about it.

It is so quick. When news breaks, I’ve normally seen it first on Twitter and then might turn to a broadcast news channel to find out more.

For businesses using Twitter it gives them the opportunity to listen to what their customers are saying and if they are savvy deal with issues before they become big problems. It also gives them the ability to communicate in a crisis in a way that can protect life, show that a situation is under control and keep people up to date of progress.

We all expect it instant information these days and a lack of communication from an organisation during a crisis can be detrimental to their reputation.

It has been great to see a number of organisations starting to show their personality on Twitter, begone corporate speak the GIF has arrived to take your place. It needs to be appropriate to the organisation, pushing boundaries is great, but the messaging needs to stay true to the values of the organisation.

There are some good Twitter Chats taking place every day, the best advice I could give for these is choose wisely! Some can be very cliquey and are just for people wanting to broadcast their views, not to listen or converse but to show how amazing they are. When you find a good one join in, if it is a topic that you feel comfortable talking about add your thoughts, if its not an area you feel that you can contribute to you can listen and learn from the sidelines.

As well as the serious stuff I love Twitter for the humour. I like to see what people are saying about something funny that has happened on a TV show or commentary that follows certain high profile people Tweeting total nonsense.

Right I’d better get this blog posted so that I can tweet about it – what else do you think I’d be doing with it??tumblr_nwettqFiF21sztyb3o1_1280






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