Learning and sharing

Creative Content

We don’t just deliver training courses, we take part in them too, as there is always something new to learn.

A short, snappy, social media on a budget training morning in London,  on behalf of one of our clients, was just the thing I needed to inject a bit more creativity into the content for their channels.

Sitting with other charity communicators was great, as between the formal learning, we all shared stories and discussed things that had worked well for our organisations.

The formal learning was really interesting, its always good in a course when you are nodding along merrily, thinking yes we do this, so we are doing it right, but you also leave with new ideas, tips and ways of doing things.

Our course leader ran through some great tools to help with engaging content, free tools of course, this was aimed at charities after all!

Looking at what some of the BIG charities were doing gave a great insight into the charity sector, everyone had examples of campaigns that they liked and ones that the really didn’t.

It wasn’t just about campaigns, we talked around strategy, this course (it was just a morning after all!) didn’t go too much into strategy other than stressing the need for any communication to be linked to the organisations aims, objectives and goals.

I love a bit of learning and can’t wait to put it all into practice now, first I’m off to the beach for a week, but that’ll give me lots of thinking time.

Watch this space!


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