Alixo make it green – a blog about technology and how much I value switching off the light!


A new female entered our home a few months ago, she is polite, courteous and generally does whatever is asked of her, in short, she is making me look bad!

She turns on lights, makes the conservatory warm, plays music, answers questions and even sets timers for the homework.

My two year old nephew loves her, running past me on arrival to shout ‘Alixo make it green’ and then delights as he runs across the room to see the lamp light change colour (he misses the bit as he is running along where I give her the correct request – she doesn’t answer to Alixo!).

I have to say when she first arrived I was a bit hostile to her and gave her a frosty reception, in fact I think she remembers, she does tend to ignore me when I ask her something.

We always have to have these new things, the VR kit (scares me to death), the DVD player (when they first came out and we had to travel to Leeds to get one and then there were hardly any films for it, for ages), and then there is the consoles, oh the consoles!

Anyway, back to Alexa, switching on and off the lights has been my bugbear, we are not allowed to do it any more we have to ask Alexa to do it for us, it worries me, are we going to need our peter pointer fingers anymore?

The rebel in me presses the buttons, I can’t help it, BUT, last night I realised that after years of squinting to read a book in bed at night with the low light from my lamp, I can now read with the big light on without fear (or totally laziness) of having to get out of bed to turn it off. Yes Alexa to the rescue. I can read and I simply have to whisper, Alexa turn big light off, and its done.

So now she is a welcome addition, if she could only put the clean clothes away I’d love her forever!



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