A year in pictures



On January 1 I always pull out the best pictures from the previous year and put them into a photo book.

Choosing the right images

It takes ages, because we take so many photos these days and getting the right mix can be hard. You have to make sure that all the grandparents/ siblings are in there and that there is a good mix of family and friends

Online book building

I’m actually writing this as a break from making the book because I forgot home frustrating the online system in and how I always end up with duplicate photos or heads chopped off. I’m leaving it a while as it is supposed to be fun and I’m over an hour in and am still on January!

The best thing about it

Looking at all the photos always brings a smile to my face, I can see how much my boy has changed over the last twelve months, remember the holidays, the parties and the fun we had. It’s easy to forget how much you can cram into a year.


I’m going to take better photos, or just keep the really cracking ones as there really is no need to have photos that are slightly blurred or with people with their eyes shut (that one’s a personal bugbear!)

The book will get done but I might follow the proverb and eat the elephant (it would have to be a vegetable one), one bite at a time.


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