Getting ready for the New Year


The food is ordered and the general open house invite has been muttered to many who will drop in on December 31.

I was never a fan of New Year’s Eve before we moved here, I felt it held too much expectation and the hype was never met by the reality, so for a few year’s, like a NYE grinch I went to bed at 10pm and switched off my phone – none of that Happy New Year merriment, thank you very much.

Since we moved here I decided to change. Change is like that, you either have it thrust upon you and you have to deal with it or you decide to change. I love the saying that if you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve got (or something like that). Anyway I decided to change.

So for the past five years I’ve said to friends and family pop round for a drink or a bite to eat if you are at a loose end, no pressure and don’t feel the need to stay,

What I love about this approach is the unknown, we don’t know who will come, when they will arrive and how long they will stay. Each year has seen different groups of people drift in and out, there has always been extra people around at midnight to welcome in the New Year, and it has always been lots of fun.

I don’t know how many people I’m feeding and I really don’t mind, working in PR I’ve learned to be adaptable to the situation, you have to be. It’ll be fun, no one has gone hungry yet.

Here’s to another night of unknown guests and unknown fun – bring it on, we’re ready!


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