Making the most of the train


Regular trips to and from London are made so much better thanks to the fantastic train service from Doncaster to the big smoke. The Virgin East Coast line can get you there in under two hours, its that quick in fact that this morning as I got off the 7:13am train in London before 9am I was bemoaning that fact that I’d not had enough time to do all of the work I wanted to get done.

I always make sure to book a seat with a table and a plug and then I’m able to sit and set up my moving office and keep up with emails and work on the way (sorry to the chap who had sat in my seat one day and wanted the plug, my laptop battery is always flat and needs plugging in – I did offer to share!).

The train makes a day of early mornings and late nights so much better because I don’t get home and then have a full days work to do – I’ve done it on the train and replied to all the day’s emails and feel happy to walk through the door and be mum, wife, me.

I used to drive down to my meetings – but so many hours of being stuck on the M25 just weren’t worth the hassle.

So as I sit on the 6.30pm London Kings Cross to Doncaster and catch up with what has been going on in the world while I’ve been in a meeting for 6 hours (a great deal of crisis planning has been achieved), I’m happy that the car is just doing the short journey from the station home.




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