The joys of a new year


Today I’ve been busy planning 2018.

No, not the whole year and not for everyone, so it’s not quite as grand as my opening statement, but I’ve had a good few hours, over breakfast of course, with a client looking ahead at what opportunities the new year brings for them.

The turn of a year is a great time to look back at what you’ve achieved, evaluate and reassess where you want to be. I find looking ahead to a new year quite refreshing in that it offers that blank sheet of paper, a crisp page to fill with hopes and aims.

Today I was working with one of our arts based clients to looked at what is important for them in 2018, what they want to achieve and the building blocks that we need to put in place to help them get there.

It was great to talk about strengthening collaboration, creative approaches to events and really turning things on their head – not doing things the way they have been done before, just because that is how they’d been done.

These kind of meetings are excellent for showcasing exactly what Public Relations can bring to the table, its not just media relations! We looked at who they needed to be meeting and how our relationships can help get them in front of the right people. We looked at how they can work with partners to get a stronger voice and showcase the impact that the arts has had on local communities and we looked at innovative ways to reach hard to reach groups.

The discussions will now be turned into plans with measures put against them and we’ll work with them to deliver fantastic outdoor events in 2018 that bring communities together with businesses and open the door to more people enjoying and engaging with the arts.




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