Networks make the world go round

3d network team color


As I’m in the throws of Christmas madness, dinners, events, awards and after hours meetings, I realise how important my networks are.

We all have our own networks and hopefully many of them.  Without them I’m sure that my carefully balanced life would simply topple over.

The dictionary definition says that a network is an association of individuals having a  common interest, formed to provide mutual assistance or helpful information.

Here are some of mine:

School mums 

My network of school mums, formed as we all have children of the same age, at the same school, are a real lifeline to me. We have each others backs. If we are running late, a quick text or call is all it takes to know our child will whisked away to safety and fun.

A play date schedule means that working late is possible and planned activities mean that we are all still very much a part of the fun – see this blog next week to see if the skating really did mean fun!


Family network, without the grandparents I’d be lost, simple as.

Work colleagues 

My work colleagues network meet regularly to make sure that we are all sharing the load, if I can’t get to an event, one of the trio will go and I don’t have to give it a second thought, because I know they’ll look after it in the same way I would have. We run through clients work, business planning and project and check dates against what else is happening in our lives and fit things in – that makes for a good work life balance.


Extended networks are the ones I’d not really appreciated the benefits of until recently.

I’m working on a research project and I asked for people to give me an hour of their time to be interviewed. The response was overwhelming. These are people I didn’t know, but they were part of my extended network in that they are members of the CIPR or PRCA. These networks are full of people with fantastic knowledge and experience and importantly were happy and willing to share it.

What goes around

Over the years I’ve helped people out whenever I could and I’m a strong believer in what goes around comes around. Help and be helped.

Here’s a huge thank you to all of my networks, your support is invaluable.


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