So I’ve joined the board!



ABOUT four years ago I took a step back and quit the boards and committees I was on outside of work because, quite frankly, I felt like I was on too many and wasn’t doing any of them justice.

It is a real honour to be asked to be on a board and there is nothing worse than being an ineffective board member.

So I’ve taken some time and not jumped back into the whole thing, despite being asked to join quite a few!

Yet today I found myself sat around a table, introducing myself to the other board members of a fantastic children’s charity.

What was it about this one that made me say yes? There were so many reasons to be honest. It’s a children’s charity (I quite like children, so much so I had one of my very own!), it is a literary charity (I quite like words too and writing – hence the career choice!), it is also based on creativity and fun (I’m a fan of both) and it is based in my home town.

The charity is all about improving literacy levels in children in the town and has found a magical way to do this.

When you find something that is such a good fit, you can’t really say no. I’m truly excited about the work that they do and the things that they have planned.

I was honoured today to take my place on the board and I’m going to do everything I can to support this fantastic cause.


One thought on “So I’ve joined the board!

  1. And we are so glad you are at the table! You were encouraging for me on another Board… so much so and so inspiring you were that I ended up Chairing it…


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