Schools and communication



I get a lot of letters, emails and texts from my son’s school and they serve to remind  me that it is the quality, not the quantity of communication that matters.

We get different dates for the same event, frequently, letters littered with spelling mistakes and often they leave the reader (me) with more questions than answers.

Its as though they haven’t thought about who it is they are communicating with and what it is they might want to know.

Its hard to juggle all of the activities and events that a school has, particularly at this kind of year. I know that I’m lucky, I work for myself, so I can generally move things around to get to the assembly that I heard about for the first time two days before, but there are plenty who don’t have that flexibility.  Some work at other schools and it is near on impossible for them to get time off, especially when an event changes from 4pm to 2.30pm and is actually a 2pm start.

We sometimes get three days notice that the children need to be dressed in yellow or have a Roman outfit or make something wild and wonderful for a display. Yes, we manage to do it, but life would be so much easier if we had a bit more notice.

Communication is key from all organisations to their stakeholders and I feel that there is huge scope for schools to do this better.

#SeeMe #needsimprovement



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