Time is a precious gift



I’m in the middle of my research for my Masters dissertation and I’ve been looking for people in the PR and Communication industry to interview.

First I approached two people directly, I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me, but they both said yes – phew.

Then I put out a message on LinkedIn and got a further two replies. So I’ve now got four interviews in the bag.

This week I put a message on Twitter and thanks to people re-tweeting, tagging people into the tweet and liking I’ve got at least another two interviews set up.

It has been really heartening to have people agree to talk to me for this paper and to have them give up their precious time to help someone who they don’t know.

The people I’ve interviewed to date have given me loads of fantastic insights into their roles and how they communicate in a crisis. They have been candid and shared things that have gone well as well as things that didn’t.

I’m looking forward to speaking to the next people who’ve agreed to do this and can’t wait to get started on the evaluation.

Time is the most previous gift you can give someone, so thanks to those who’ve given it, it really does mean a lot.




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